Melbourne’s business event market is massive, and a substantial part of this is composed of exhibitions and trade fairs.

More than 50 trade fairs will be held in Australia in 2020, most in Sydney and Melbourne, with many of these solely for professionals in commerce and industry only.

Here, we offer some advice on how to create the maximum exposure from your trade show and expo photography.

Booth and Stand Presentation

An open booth style is usually more attractive to the visitors of the exhibition than a display at the front. If you can, set all of your products back in the stand, enticing customers into the stand to browse and learn more. Capturing pictures of you engaging with prospects in action is another significant part of your participation as an exhibitor.

Empty stands can look good on social media at the start of the show so we recommend getting your photographer in to capture the stand before the event launches and the visitors arrive. You’ll also want photos when the attendees are thronging your stand to create an image of popularity and success.

Experienced expo photographers will place themselves where they can demonstrate the high degree of interest on your stand and your backdrop branding elements.

Outdoor Exhibitions

Outdoor community fairs and events are common in Australia, providing a place for the local community to come together to celebrate as well as increase the opportunities for local commerce. Outdoor events require a different approach to indoor Convention and Exhibition venues. Weather can also play a major role not only during the event but also in pre-event planning.

Photographers will need to be well briefed and prepared to to do their jobs in the heat of the day and be prepared for anything, from family photo requests to speeches by the Mayor and the local ministers.

Photographers should also be prepared for rain, both from an equipment perspective, but also how they plan to document the event if and when the heavens open.  At Melbourne events, anything can happen!

Shot Lists

The shot lists at conventions and exhibitions are crucial. A progress program is usually sent a few months out, and after that, the event photography locked in the program along with the shot-list outlining the sponsors and VIPs.

These two documents are usually sufficient, together with a phone call or early on location orientation.

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Photography Tools and Tips

Important tips for personal protection and success include wearing a camera belt and very comfortable shoes, carrying water, and bringing a hat with you.
You typically can’t go back and forth from the media tent to get more kit for these types of crowded events. So, bring all the supplies that you’ll possibly need for at least a few hours at a time, and hang up a camera with the zoom lens and speed light or flashes on each side of the harness.

Making Preparations

Photographers for trade shows need to have endurance, especially those who are in Sydney. They usually need to be on their feet for at least one whole day, and many trade shows run over several days. That demands a lot of experience not only in the show but in preparations for the pre-show as well. Multi-day activities involve perfectly tuned systems and processes to be able to provide attentive service for the usual 20 hours of photography time for two days straight.

Security at Conventions and Trade Shows

In many trade shows, security is very important either because of the confidentiality of what is being showcased or the value of products on display. Some trade events are very particular with their audience, being cautious of high-value products like high-end jewelry. Event managers and venues need to go to greater lengths to ensure that not only the attendants but also their suppliers, vendors, and staff are best suited to attend the show.

Pricing for Trade Show Photography

To have correct pricing for these complex events, it is best if expo stand managers obtain a quote from the photographer directly. Prices and rates for photography can be obtained quickly, easily and without obligation using the contact form below.

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