Tips for Planning a Memorable Awards Night

Whether you want to recognise employees for their accomplishments, give prestigious awards for amazing achievements, or simply express gratitude to the members of a community, awards ceremonies are a great way of commending people on their hard work and boosting their morale. Here are five ways to turn your awards night into a special and memorable one:

Gather your events team

You must have a team of peers or co-workers to support you right from the start. Before you do something else, get this team together for a full corporate event photography briefing to make sure that nobody misses any important details.

Make a Detailed Plan

One of the key things to guarantee that your event will be a successful one is by creating a comprehensive plan. Regardless of how inexperienced you are in event organising, you can’t really go wrong if you just allow yourself a reasonable amount of time to focus on the task at hand and you are willing to cooperate with people who know what it takes to create a successful awards night. Extensive and precise planning is extremely important, so you should take the time to work out the finer details and create something that will work perfectly on the night of the event.

Be Aware Of Your Budget

Everything around an awards night event can get really costly if not kept under control, with the rental costs of the awards night venue alone probably being the largest expense. Shop around for a deal on a venues as costs can differ significantly, depending on size, location and day of the week. For this reason, it is important that you know what your budget is upfront so that you can allocate funds accordingly. This way, you can keep your boss satisfied by sticking within the spending limit.

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Save the Date

Your invites and the follow-up strategies that you will use to get in touch with the guest list will greatly affect the number of people attending your event. Take the time to send out the invitations and effectively communicate everything about the gathering. Try to ensure that RSVPs are necessary and you have somebody to follow up with attendees who haven’t yet replied. Automated databases and good use of your CRM are a great option for taking care of this detail for you.

Add Some Creativity

Set up a few fun ideas for your event such as photobooths or sideshow games. Magicians, caricaturists and roving entertainers are all popular at fun corporate events. The venue can be subtly decorated with flower walls, ice sculptures and table decorations; all of which can include your corporate or business logo. Taking photos of the set up as well as the event in progress is a great way of publicising and sharing the event on social media at a later date for maximum exposure for your brand.

Keep it Relevant

Getting inspiration from the other events you have been to is fine. However, you also need to ensure that you keep it relevant and suitable to your event when you plan yours. Take into account the objective of the event and the environment and ambience that you’d like to create. Events that are memorable for clients are worth every cent to generate goodwill and foster long term relationships. If it’s a corporate dinner with the top CEOs, juggling clowns might not be the best option for entertainment, whereas a high profile speaker with an insight into their customers or staff might be useful and informative for them.

Consider the Smallest Details

The secret to a successful event is all in the small details. Taste and then pick the set menu (don’t forget some options for those with special dietary requirements, research the guest speaker and go to see them in a live show if possible, make 2 visits to the venue if you have to – one as it is and then one on the night of an event so that you can see the place in action. Make the effort to get the awards night trophies carefully crafted to reflect the essence of the awards. All these individual details are what make a great awards night.

Confirm and Double Check EVERYTHING!

With all the significant people you’ve outsourced for your event, you can’t really leave anything to chance to make the night 100% successful. But what you can do is to make absolutely sure you receive an email confirmation of the details of your booking ahead of time, if possible, for the venue and all the other essential details.
It is important to ensure that all services are booked with plenty of time to spare so questions can be asked and back up plans made for that What If? scenario.
Now that you’ve checked out the advice for a successful awards night, it’s time to start booking your suppliers and Melbourne’s best corporate event photography services via the contact form below. We look forward to making your event photography a success!

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