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Event Photography Services in Melbourne

Man With A Camera Photography

Man With A Camera Photography is a Melbourne based event photography service specialising in corporate events, conferences, awards nights, product launches, activations, trade shows and expos.

The website also lists editorial photography commissions and event videography services as being on offer and they describe how their photographers know “how to capture your event for maximum exposure and impact and will photograph the general atmosphere, networking, branding and speakers that will be suitable for use on social networks and future publications”.

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Fresh Photography

Their website discusses their options for Event Photography in Melbourne and list the following as the types of events they photograph:

birthdays, corporate events, engagement parties, farewell parties, product launches and fashion events, media walls and red carpet events in creative ways.

Average prices for event photography are listed on their website at $3450 for a 10 hour day and $1450 for a 3 hour event photography booking. Probably priced in the upper end of event photography services, but the photos look great!

Their instagram feed is also full of some really beautiful wedding photography that has a natural and romantic style to it.  Very nice indeed!

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Gazi Photography

The team at Gazi believe that “Event Photography is the bridge between the event and your target audience” and that “photographs should capture personality, add impact, and promote your messages clearly.”

We think you’ve nailed the event photography description that we’ve been trying to find for our own website!

They go on to say that when hosting an event, “whether it’s a corporate awards ceremony or a huge fundraiser the likelihood is you’ll be considering event photography” and that “choosing your photographer it isn’t simply a matter of…clicking the first link you see. The right photographer is a key decision you need to make with care” adding that “it’s important to find a photographer that can not only blend into the background when necessary, but to also capture key moments and emotions”.

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Event Photographers Melbourne

These Melbourne party photographers want to know whether you’re “looking for a premium event photography service with a funky vibe?” with their “exceptional party photographers providing quality of work at an affordable price.”

They continue to say that “When you hire your event photographer in Melbourne you don’t just get a photographer… they’re your personal stylist for wardrobe mishaps, your director for the perfect stance and your paparazzi specialist” and will “make you look impeccable in any situation – your corporate event, your school formal, your first night club event

Their website also describes how they will email you the images after the event.

The social links on their website suggest that these party photographers also seem to be known as PIKT Entertainment so do your research on both before making a booking.

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Party Photographers Melbourne

We found this group of party photographers with a Google search and they’re modus operandi is “offering Cheap Premium Party Photography in Melbourne” and say “that a party is only as good as the photos that tell the story” and claim that they are “a common sight at Melbourne’s liveliest engagements, weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events,” although they do appear to be mainly private event and party photographers.

Their website snappily reads “When it’s countdown time to the big event and you’re still asking ‘where can I find professional photographers near me?’ you needn’t look any further than the experts at Party Photographers Melbourne.”

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Event Photos Australia

Event Photos Australia often pop up in searches, but mainly for Brisbane and Gold Coast events where they seem to be based and known best.

They probably have some local photographers in Melbourne who photograph their corporate events and product launches when the need arises down here in Victoria.

Their website lists event photography and videography as being their specialty areas, going on to describe how they “operate Australia wide to provide high-quality, professional photography and photographic services for businesses and companies great and small“, coupling that with “the most flexible delivery of service and the quickest product turnaround“.

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Melissa Hobbs

Melissa Hobbs seems to specialise in business event photography and has photographed the Melbourne Business Chicks events on a regular basis.  Melissa’s website also notes that she photographs conferences and other corporate events and functions.

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PhotoEventz are known in Melbourne for providing Conference and Corporate Photography Services. They also seem to photograph many trade shows and expos within Melbourne, but also list the following list of services on their website : conference photography, wedding photography, headshots, green screen photography, golf day photos and videography services.  It sounds like they have most bases covered for their clients.

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